What is Elderberry?

Elderberry has recently been scientifically proven to reduce the severity and duration of flu and cold-like and allergy symptoms!  For all of you who prefer to know the "nitty-gritty", basically, a more scientific explanation is: the anthocyanins inside the elderberry (that give it it's rich purple color) inhibit the the yucky infected cells from attaching to and attacking other healthy cells. There have also been studies done on it's ability to assist in a variety of other medical ailments.  A natural, God-given plant, Elderberry is an absolute healthier alternative to modern pharmaceutical drugs. It's even being given to patients in other countries as a cancer treatment.  We are blessed to be able to provide you and your family with an organic, all-natural approach to boosting your family's immune systems.  A spoonful a day keeps the sniffles away! 

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